Rosita Actress Desperately DOESN’T Want This For Rosita


Last season was pretty uncertain for Rosita on The Walking Dead. It was revealed that she had a brief relationship with Spencer before he died. She seemed suicidal after Abraham’s death. Christian Serratos wants her to avoid any new relationships in the future.

Christian Serratos| Photo Comic Book
Christian Serratos | Photo Comic Book

“I don’t think I’d want to see her in another relationship. I think she’s past that,” said Christian Serratos in a short interview with Entertainment Weekly. “We’ve seen her better as an individual. She thrives as an individual.”

The actress wants Rosita to leave her long history as a survivor with a boyfriend.

Little Rose Full Of Thorns

“Basically her history is men,” confirmed Christian Serratos. “That is her history, and that is how we met her on the show, and that is what we learned about her from her past. And then we saw her little dalliance with Austin’s character, and I just feel like she’s done with the boys.”

The actress has said she’d had the boys and she’s done with them. “So I’d love to see her to continue being this bad bitch,” joked the actress. She’s referring to the final episodes with Rosita.

After all, Rosita Espinosa does mean “little rose full of thorns” in Spanish.

The Future Of Rosita On TWD

Christian Serratos| Photo Comic Book
Christian Serratos | Photo Comic Book

Next season we’re likely going to see a lot more Rosita. In Season 7, she was a bit of a loner. She went out and rounded up guns on her own, but her actions almost got her killed (more than once).

Perhaps Sasha’s actions will keep Rosita in line this season. In the final moments of an episode last season, Sasha decided to lock out Rosita. This was when they were both about to break into the Sanctuary.

Sasha ended up getting captured rather than killed. Rosita ended up finding Dwight and taking him back to Alexandria. Despite Sasha saving her life, she seemed to continue to make bad decisions.

There’s also a rumor that Rosita’s character could be pregnant next season.

What else do you think will happen to Rosita in the next season?