What To Expect From The Big Bang Theory Season 11- CONFIRMED


The Big Bang Theory Season 11

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The Big Bang Theory Season 11 is confirmed. We no longer have to wait in uncertainty about the fate of this beloved show.

In fact, there have been two seasons signed into contracting, meaning TBBT will be at least 12 seasons long in total. Now that we can rest easy about the fate of our favorite comedy, it’s time to start predicting what will happen in Season 11 and 12.

Here’s our best guess.

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In the final seasons, there definitely need to be more episodes surrounding Comic Con. Some of the most classic TBBT episodes have surrounded Comic Con, and there definitely needs to be a final episode about the festival. 

Particularly the Convention Conundrum episode where Sheldon meets James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher needs to be beaten. This is a classic episode with some great guest stars and nerdy references. We want more.

Guest Stars

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Speaking of guest stars- you can bet that the final seasons of TBBT will be chalk full of them. We’re guessing Laurie Metcalf, Leslie Winkle, Steven Hawking, Christine Baranski and the many other significant guest stars throughout the years will need to come back and say their goodbyes to the show.

A big old reunion episode with everyone who’s been a part of the production would be a great way to send this show off…With a Bang.

Sheldon and Amy Get Married

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This HAS to happen. TBBT fans need closure of the SHAmy relationship like Sheldon needs closure on a door knock. The pair have come so far, it would be cruel to not let us see them live happier ever after. 

Plus, we want this to happen in Season 11 rather than 12 so that in Season 12 we can watch them grow and learn as a married couple.

Imagine the humor that would come out of Sheldon planning a wedding. It just HAS to happen.

What do you think will go down in The Big Bang Theory Season 11?

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