New Video Shows Walking Dead Cast As They Celebrate 100th Episode

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-13

Norman Reedus Talks 100 Episodes Of Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Facebook

“We couldn’t have gotten here without such cool fans,” said Norman Reedus, while Melissa McBride signs the number, “100” behind him. Reedus then recommends for fans to follow The Walking Dead on Facebook.

“We’re in the hundreds now, ladies and gentleman, and I’d like to thank you all for being a part of this journey with me,” starts Andrew Lincoln. Lauren Cohan comes on next to discuss her role on the show.

Then, fans get to see behind-the-scenes at Comic Con.

Comic Con Fans Love Dead Cast

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Facebook

The actors then discuss their roles on the show and how excited they have been to get on the show and spend so much time working for the fans. Newcomer, Jeffrey Dean Morgan says Walking Dead fans love the show more than anyone else.

The Comic Con crowd is screaming like crazy when the cast arrives at Comic Con and then the video shows some fans dressed up like the cast. Morgan actor Lennie James reveals that his character came back due to the fans.

All in all, each cast member is truly grateful for their work.

Daryl And Rick Prepare For War

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Facebook

When the show returns in October, Rick Grimes is about to take down Negan. Based on the extended trailer, it looks like the season will be action-packed as the various groups surround the Sanctuary.

There are several Easter Eggs, things we know, and things we assume might happen next season, but creator Robert Kirkman has promised more action than last season and possibly the best season of the series so far.

As Rick and Negan gear up for the All-Out War episodes, everyone is getting in their places and it’s likely we’ll see some major deaths right out of the gate.

Who do you think might get killed in the season premiere?

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