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Everyone has something that annoys them. It might be someone leaving a light on, or people using the word ‘like’ repeatedly. But they are usually small things that we can allow and continue on our way in life. This is not so with Sheldon Cooper.

Sheldon even goes so far as to forbid certain behaviors in his roommate agreement. With as much as he annoys everyone else, why would they not want to even it out every once in awhile? Here are some of the ways that the cast annoy Sheldon.

The Little Things

AnnoyLeonard prepares to whistle for Penny knowing he can get a strike by

Sometimes the little things are the most powerful things. Howard, Raj, and Leonard know this and use it to their advantage.

If one really wants to annoy Sheldon when he’s intent upon watching a television program, all you have to do is mess with the brightness and contrast settings. It is one thing that most of us do not think twice about and might not even notice if it were changed. But Sheldon Cooper would immediately notice something was wrong and then would proceed to try and figure out what is bugging him.

Whistling is a skill that might bug a normal person. But Sheldon takes it a step further and gives out strikes for any who dare whistle in his apartment. Do not take the strikes lightly!

Time to go grocery shopping and stock up on generic brand ketchup! No Heinz. Just bottles that say “ketchup”. Watch the madness unfold as Sheldon demands to be taken to the store.

Sheldon’s extreme love and obsession for items result in him…

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