LISTEN: Did You Get The “Hidden Message” In This Negan Scene?!


“People are a resource,” said Negan with a swing of Lucille. While speaking with Simon, Gavin, Eugene, Dwight, and Gregory, he made it clear that they were going to stick with Negan’s plan.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Essentially, Negan wants to always kill the right people in the wrong way. For Negan, this means killing the leaders of the group in a horrific way. The reason that he wants these three alive is to kill them in a publicly

We learned a portion of this from Gunther but there’s much more to it.

Negan’s Plan For The Leaders Of Alexandria

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“People. Are. The. Foundation. Of. What. We. Are. Building. Here!” screamed Negan while smashing Lucille on the table. Again, this is referring to taking out a few to scare the many.

When Negan talks about people being a resource, he’s talking about manpower. In this sense, he’s killing a few people to create fear in the others.

This example goes back to when Negan killed Glenn and Abraham. He could tell they were both important, so he picked them to die.

Killing Rick, The Widow, And The King

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Now, he wants to kill Rick, Maggie, and King Ezekiel. Unless he’s got something else planned, it’s possible that he wants to stick them on his walker fence. This way, everyone can see what happens when you double-cross Negan.

In reality, Rick Grimes has been one step ahead of Negan so far, thanks to Dwight. But after this first attack, Negan and the others are thinking that someone among them is helping out the other side.

So far, Eugene seems to be the prime suspect. Because Eugene is the type of person to always protect himself, he’s looking for the real rat. In “The Big Scary U,” Eugene visits Dwight’s room to see if there are any clues to point to someone else.

While no one knows what will happen next on The Walking Dead. Rick has lost the big guns, but the Saviors are still surrounded by walkers.

Do you think Rick Grimes will be captured before he can kill Negan?

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