Lennie ‘Morgan’ James Talks About A Call Back From The FIRST Season Of TWD


“In episode 7, we discover Morgan the sniper,” said Lennie James on Talking Dead. In the episode, Morgan is aiming his rifle at the Sanctuary. This happens before Daryl Dixon runs a garbage truck into the side of the building.

Lennie James | Photo Credit Talking Dead

“He found how he can be a part of the war and now be around people. He can be a safe distance to the people he’s fighting beside.” More importantly, there was a moment where we saw a close-up of Morgan with the gun.

True The Walking Dead fans will likely remember a similar scene back in the first season of the show.

Lennie James Talks About Morgan’s S01 Callback

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“The image of him looking down a scope, looking through a window, at his perspective target is massive callback to season one. That image. That memory was there,” said Lennie James.

The particular callback goes back to Morgan looking through the scope at his reanimated wife. During the intense scene, there was nothing our hero could do to get over his dead wife. He simply couldn’t kill her.

Unfortunately, this eventually led to the death of his son, Duane.

Morgan Jones’ Past, Present, And Future

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Viewers that have been watching the zombie drama since the very beginning know that Morgan Jones has been through it all. He’s the first person to tell Rick Grimes about the outbreak but he’s also had quite the journey since that tale.

After Rick Grimes left Morgan and Duane with a few guns, he headed off to find his family. In the meantime, Morgan tried to protect their community and he did his best to clear out the walkers nearby.

But because of this callback, his son eventually died. This led to a more depressed version of Morgan. He did his best to “clear,” but it nearly cost him his sanity. It wasn’t until he ran into Eastman and learned the ways of Aikido that he calmed down.

But that too didn’t last long. After Jared the Savior shot Benjamin, Morgan went back to a troubling state. Now, he’s still in this emotional state and it may cost him his life.

Do you think Morgan will survive season 8? Do you think his Fear crossover will be in the future or the past?

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