Endless Seasons?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Audiences are currently in limbo between the two halves of Season 7 on The Walking Dead. On one hand, many viewers felt the first half to be boring and some have even left the show. On the other hand, we’re in for a treat next season.

All of the characters are in their places and every chess piece will likely have several big moves to make come February. That said, now that we’ve seen a greater dimension on the show (multiple communities), there is one big question on several viewer’s minds:

How far can the show actually continue on AMC?

What’s Next for The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the past, Robert Kirkman had mentioned ending the show in Alexandria, but obviously, that’s no longer the case. Carl is growing and several of the leads are finding their ways onto spinoffs. With that in mind, what are the logistics?

It’s unlikely that the series will ever be canceled due to ratings. Several millions of fans left the show this season, but there are always more to take their place. The show’s storytelling and content will see to that. It’s way more popular than other shows on AMC, such as Halt and Catch Fire, which will return again.

The worst case scenario for weak ratings are budget cuts, but they’ve already bought a great deal of the props and buildings for years to come. The issue here may be salaries, but really only Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln could demand higher wages based on their characters.

But what about the plot?

Catching Up With the Comics

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The series has almost caught up with the comic and this could be what brings it to an end. There is always a chance the show could go on forever like Gunsmoke back in the day or more recent dramas like CSI or Law and Order.

Within Negan’s storyline, the show has been living pretty close to the same storyline as the comic. For example, if we’re at issue 111 now, Negan’s war only lasts until 126, so we could catch up in the way that Game of Thrones has done with the book series based on the same name.

The real question is, will they continue to drag out episodes like the last eight in order to lead up to something more audience worthy? And, if so, will audiences hang in there to see what happens next?

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