Lennie James Said He Made Decision To Leave Walking Dead For Fear


No one has been on The Walking Dead longer than Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln. Morgan Jones actor Lennie James nabs second place. However, Morgan will soon be leaving the flagship series as his character heads over to the sister series. According to James, and against popular opinion, he did have a say in this decision.

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Lennie James first appeared in the pilot when post-coma Rick Grimes stumbled down the street of a neighborhood. Moments after Morgan’s son Duane hit Rick in the head with a shovel, Morgan showed up and killed an approaching walker. After the headshot, the duo confirmed Rick’s injury wasn’t a bite and told him the truth.

Since the pilot, Morgan has been on and off the show. In terms of his character, he’s been through a lot. For the most part, he’s actually also the most similar to lead character, Rick Grimes. Either way, he’s now headed to a new series. But fans are now wondering what that means for the future of the undead world. 

Not surprisingly, most of this revolves around Scott Gimple. 

Scott Gimple And The Walking Dead

Scott Gimple | Photo Credit Talking Dead

Not long ago, 50,000 fans of The Walking Dead signed a petition to get Scott Gimple fired. This happened after the former showrunner decided to kill off another main character. When Carl Grimes revealed his walker bite at the end of Season 8, Episode 8, fans finally raised their hands that they had had enough.

AMC didn’t fire Scott Gimple though. Instead, they moved into a new role that somewhat oversees both zombie dramas and put writer Angela Kang in the position of showrunner for Season 9 and beyond. Either way, fans are certainly going to assume Gimple was behind the idea to move Morgan to Fear

“At the beginning of every season, you have to sit down with Scott Gimple and he tells you what the arc of this season is going to be and what your character’s arc is going to be,” said Lennie James. “You mostly don’t listen to anything he’s saying because you just want to know whether or not you’re going to die,” he joked.

In reality, the news from Scott Gimple was something he never expected. In actuality, he didn’t even truly have words to say the first time he heard the news. Later, of course, he had lots and lots of questions. Some of these questions would be for Gimple, but others would be for the new showrunners of Fear. 

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