Did You Know Tony Danza Was Nearly On The Walking Dead?

Tony Danza | Photo Credit Comic Book

Playing Tribute To Other Shows

Tony Danza | Photo Credit Who’s The Boss

Every now and then, a series will pay tribute to another show, movie or star. For example, on HBO’s The Leftovers, the cast had an inside joke about the 1986 series, Perfect Strangers, that actually led to the show hiring Mark Linn-Baker to play himself in an episode.

The most obvious moments of homage on The Walking Dead revolve around Greg Nicotero and various classic horror films from the 1970s and 1980s, which includes Jaws in addition to the many zombie flicks.

Season 7 almost had a moment where Daryl Dixon referenced Tony Danza.

Norman Reedus And Tony Danza

Norman Reedus | Photo Credit Esquire

Entertainment Weekly writes:

“At the start of the season’s third episode “The Cell” — the one where Daryl is tortured by Negan and the Saviors — we see Dwight watching an old VHS copy of the opening credits to the 1980s sitcom Who’s the Boss?”

“How did this end up happening? It turns out it came down to a few chance meetings between Who’s the Boss? star Tony Danza and Walking Dead favorite Norman Reedus.”

“I ran into Tony Danza a couple of times actually,” Reedus says during the commentary track for ‘The Cell.’ “It was originally in Atlanta at a wrap party a couple of seasons ago.”

Daryl Dixon Watches Who’s The Boss?

Tony Danza | Photo Credit Comic Book

Norman Reedus had more encounters with Danza since then. When he told Scott M. Gimple about his interest in becoming involved with the show, they decided to show him in a scene within a scene from the VHS sitcom.

Surprisingly, Tony Danza’s manager had even asked if they would have Daryl Dixon say “He’s still the boss,” which would refer to the show, Who’s the Boss? Luckily, they decided that was too cheesy for the iconic zombie series.

What do you think about this odd Easter Egg?

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