Sheldon Cooper Approved Steps To Staying Healthy

Image result for sheldon sickphoto by Sheldon Cooper is a quirky dude. He prioritizes his health, and uses science to make sure he doesn’t get sick. Sometimes his methods are extreme…but there’s a lot to be learned from this neat freak. Here are 5 Sheldon-approved steps to staying healthy, even during flu season!

Stock The Medicine Cabinet

3. Be willing to try new things. photo by

Sheldon is one of the most prepared people on the planet. He’s ready for sickness to strike at any moment. That’s why he always has his medicine cabinet fully stocked and ready to go. Another tip? Befriend a pharmaceutical rep. Bernadette’s job comes in handy for her friends when they need a new drug. She’s got the goods, and Sheldon is prepared to take advantage of her livelihood.

Drink A Hot Beverage

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It’s a part of friendship, and it’s a part of staying healthy. Sheldon knows that it’s important to offer a hot beverage to friends when they are feeling down. It’s even a part of his friendship algorithm. However, you can also offer yourself a hot beverage when you’re starting to feel the sniffles coming on. Soothing tea will leave you feeling refreshed, calm, and a part of The Big Bang Theory family.

Call A Close Friend Or Family

Sheldon loves his mother and grandmother. Mary Cooper may be a crazy Texan, but she’s great at making Sheldon feel better. His MeeMaw also dotes upon him. If you feel a cold brimming, call up the one relative you know spoils you, and they’ll have you feeling better in no time. They might even let you pretend to be a little kid again, like Mrs. Cooper did for Sheldon.

Soft Kitty…

Come on, you know the words. “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little ball of Fur. Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr Purr Purr.” These are the words that can soothe all sickness away.

Try these 5 Sheldon-approved steps the next time you are feeling under the weather.


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