FINALLY… Josh McDermitt Breaks Silence About Midseason Finale


“In this episode, the wine isn’t working like it used to,” said Josh McDermitt about Eugene in The Walking Dead mid-season finale. Eugene, like the other characters, is torn between the realities of choosing right and wrong.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Eugene is struggling and fighting this inner turmoil and all he wants to do is do the right this. And, What is the right thing? Negan, Rick, Daryl. They all feel like they’re doing the right thing,” added the actor on Talking Dead. 

Like any war or battle, both sides feel like they’re right and not wrong. But, what does that mean for the future of the show?

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Dilemma

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“All Eugene wants to do is sleep so he can come up with another game plan tomorrow and keep living this nightmare of a life that everyone else is living,” added Josh McDermitt, about his character.

In many ways, all of the characters are moving along this way. In fact, the only character that isn’t inching forward is Carl Grimes. But, in the end, we find out that Carl’s decisions have a heavy hand behind them, since he is apparently dying.

In the end, Carl Grimes is the only one really thing of everyone else and their future, versus his own.

Carl Grimes Thinks Beyond Day-to-Day

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

McDermitt said Eugene is focused on living the nightmare, one day at a time. If you rewatch the episode, it’s clear that everything Carl Grimes does is premeditated and leading up to a means to the end.

When he spoke to Negan at the gate to Alexandria, he was doing so in order to (a.) stall Negan, and (b.) to make a confession. Essentially, Carl Grimes told Negan that he knew he was dying, even though Negan misunderstand the real truth.

So, this also makes us wonder what the letter said that he wrote to his father. Over the past two seasons, Carl Grimes has been “fathered” by Rick Grimes and Negan. Hopefully, we’ll get to see that letter but not until the series returns in February.

For now, we’re left to wonder. If Negan hadn’t come knocking at the gates of Alexandria, would Carl Grimes had left a note and gone to die alone?


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