Everything You Need To Know About The Mysterious Helicopter On The Walking Dead


Ever since Rick Grimes saw a helicopter on The Walking Dead, fans have been trying to figure out what it meant for the future of the show. At the time, many fans were wondering if Rick was simply seeing things. After all, he has seen things that weren’t there before in the past.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After Rick and Daryl got into a fight, he continued on with his portion of the plan and headed to the junkyard. On his way to see the Heapsters, a helicopter flew overhead. Soon after, Simon mentioned the helipad, which confirmed the suspicion, but now we’ve actually seen the chopper.

In Season 8’s “Still Gotta Mean Something,” Jadis had Negan tied up when the helicopter came back. Despite the fact that Jadis and Negan ended up parting ways amicably, it was clear that she had actually planned to kill Negan.

Jadis Reveals Apartment On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the beginning of “Still Gotta Mean Something,” fans of the show found out that Jadis actually faked her death. Before, when Rick and Michonne came to visit, it wasn’t clear why Simon left one survivor. Now, however, we know that it was not the Saviors intention to spare the leader.

But, this did lead to a whole new side of Jadis. First of all, Rick and Michonne saw her speaking basically normal sentences. When Rick decided to leave her, she had to think on her feet. At the time, Jadis seemed weak. This was proven when Rick got free, despite being tied up in his boxers (read more here).

However, when the rubber hit the road, she came up with a killer plan to take down her zombie friends. She used a grinder and destroyed dozens of walkers at once. But, the real mystery started to unravel in the latest episode. There, we got to see her unusual hipster apartment amidst the Heaps.

On Talking Dead, actress Pollyanna McIntosh said she thought only Jadis had an apartment, but it’s possible they all had their own habitats. After all, she did tell Simon that it wasn’t “heaps” before they got there. Their heaps could all be covering up similar cozy apartments.

What’s most interesting is that she packed a bag and knew the helicopter was coming back. But she had to make a plan against Negan first.

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