What 99% Of TWD Fans Didn’t Realize About Carl Grimes’ Walker Bite


It feels like there are about half a dozen suggestions as to how Carl Grimes might survive his walker bite. The list goes from the immunity theory to a Whisperer bite to dentures, but our favorite just popped up on Reddit.

“The location of Carl’s bite mark is in the same area where he was shot by Otis [back in Season 2],” wrote one Reddit user. This happened when Hershel did surgery on the boy in the episode, “Bloodletting.”

Eventually, the Redditors came to the conclusion that the scar tissue from the infection may stop the zombie virus from spreading.

Carl Grimes May Be Saved After All

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In terms of fictional zombie medical school, this makes more sense than anything else we’ve heard. And, there’s no other reason to put the bite in the exact same spot as that bullet wound.

As for the other theories, dentures is perhaps the biggest stretch so far. The Whisperer bite makes some sense, seeing as we’ve seen some evidence that the Whisperers might be around (the skinned water tower sniper).

But most fans are still holding on to this immunity theory.

Immunity, Scar Tissue, And A Blood Transfusion

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The immunity theory falls on Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes. Since Shane Walsh was convinced that Rick Grimes was dead back in Season 1 (and the medical equipment confirmed no heartbeat), many fans think Rick is immune.

If Rick did die on that hospital bed, he should have come back as a walker. Instead, he came back as himself. Perhaps there is something in Rick’s blood or DNA that makes him different or immune to the virus.

Not only do Carl Grimes and Rick Grimes share the same DNA, but Rick also gave his son a transfusion in that same Hershel surgery episode. If that bite doesn’t get through the scar tissue, the immunity theory will also feel true.

But that would change the entire dynamic of the show. Robert Kirkman never wanted to address the zombie virus, the cause of the outbreak, or a cure (other than Eugene’s lie), so this feels unlikely.

Then again, killing Carl Grimes is not in the comic, so anything could happen.

What’s your favorite “save Carl Grimes” theory so far? If Carl dies, will Daryl carry on his storyline (read here)?

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