Greg Nicotero Wants This Big Change For The Walking Dead Now


Greg Nicotero Talks TWD Season 8

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“We constantly want to redefine the show,” said Greg Nicotero in an interview with The Walking Dead Magazine. The co-executive producer and occasional director believes this is an obligation the creators have with the fans.

“We have an obligation not to deliver the same thing over and over again,” he said. “I can be very confident in saying the theme and tone of this [new] season is quite different from what we did last season.”

This is good news for fans that didn’t appreciate Season 7 of TWD.

Scott Gimple Discusses New Season

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Likewise, Showrunner Scott Gimple also wants for the show to be constantly evolving. Both Gimple and Nicotero want the show to up the ante every year. This means new and different stories, better enemies, and unusual walkers.

Gimple believes that Season 7 set up Season 8 so now all of the narratives are going to involve conflict. This could either mean fights in the grand scheme (good versus evil) or fights within the groups (like who will lead Hilltop).

Nicotero, nor Gimple gave up any details in terms of storyline, however.

“Where Our Stories Are Taking Us…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I know where our stories are taking us,” Nicotero said. “It’s always helpful when I direct the finale and then the premiere because we do want the continuity of our world to exist even though our storylines are diverging.”

The important thing is that the good guys are ready to fight, which sets up everything for an amazing follow-up season. For the premiere, several things also need to happen to stay in line (somewhat) with the comics.

It’s likely that Aaron’s boyfriend Eric will die at some point this season, possibly as early as the premiere. Another major death will likely involve Shiva the tiger, who may die in the premiere as well.

Both of these deaths will be sad for the series, but like Glenn, Abraham, Benjamin and even Shane Walsh, they’re meant to help others grow. Eric’s death will put Aaron in “the darkness” and the King will also change without Shiva the Tiger.

Do you think the series will follow the comic storyline?

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