All the Ins and Outs of Ezikiel, New Leader On The Walking Dead

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-31

Who is the new leader of The Walking Dead Ezikiel?

ezekiel the walking dead

The creators of the Walking Dead do a pretty good job at giving us fresh, unique and generally awe, inspiring characters on a regular basis. King Ezekiel looks to be no different. If you don’t remember him like a lot of people did due his random glimpses on the trailer for the Walking Dead Season 7, then you’ll be excited to hear he has a tiger at his side. Tiger’s make very good first impressions; I know that much. The new character is being played by Khary Payton, on Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

He’s a straight adaptation from the comic books and any comic fans would have instantly recognized him.

 It’s really cool how closely Khary Payton resembles his comic book counterpart. Everyone did a great job with the character, from casting all the way through to makeup. You’ll notice he’s got the same clothing, even the boots look like they did in the comic book. Hopefully the story of King Ezekiel will stay the same as well because if it does, that means Ricks and the Hilltop community have a new friend and ally on their side. Did I mention he absolutely hates Negan in the comic books? He also happens to be a God fairing man as well who fights right alongside Rick. About time Rick had some help with that a##hole Negan.

He’s a bit over the top in the comics, kind of outrageous like a Liberace meets Grand Master Flash.

After all, he is the king of The Kingdom and lives with a tiger by his side.

He’s a natural leader and optimist and great at persuading people to do what he wants. There’s no hiding his role, even in the trailer he is clearly heard saying, “I am King Ezekiel, welcome to the Kingdom.”

If you remember the end of The Walking Dead Season 6, Carol and Morgan are seen together when guards representing the Kingdom make an appearance. It was a nice little teaser leading into Season 7 of TWD and what’s to come.

So why the tiger?

Turns out in his past life, before walkers, he was a zookeeper and Shiva (the Tiger) was one of the animals he cared for. Somehow he was able to keep her by his side after the end and throughout the ongoing mess of a world that the series takes place in. From what I’ve read, he has a strong bond with the giant cat and even saved her from death while working at the zoo.

Ezekiel will definitely add some flair, style and grace to the show with his flamboyant nature, cane sword and giant Tiger by his side. I’m excited to see how his character develops and what unfolds in the early episodes of TWD Season 7. Make sure you get caught up, because there is only about 3 weeks left until it airs next month on October 23rd.

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