Zack Snyder’s Complex DC Universe

Batman V Superman | Photo Credit DC

Zack Snyder’s DC universe is pretty complicated. In many ways, the 300 and Watchmen director focuses more on style than substance, but that does relate to some pretty epic moves with insane cinematography.

As the Justice League gears up, since Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman have already gotten their origin stories, they’re deciding what’s next for the DC universe and the future of the Justice League.

In one ridiculous scenario, Jeffrey Dean Morgan may play Batman.

Batman’s Parents: Negan And Maggie

Lauren Cohan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Photo Credit Batman V Superman

Ben Affleck isn’t giving up the cape anytime soon, but there’s a scenario that involves a time jump where his father, played by Morgan, could take on the cape (ironically, Negan and Maggie are his parents in the film).

Recently, DC and Warner Brothers announced that they’re working on an origin film for The Flash, which may be called Flash Point. In the DC comic story, there might be a role that involves Batman’s father, who was played by Morgan.

Basically, Flash screws up the timeline.

The Flashpoint Time Story

The Flash | Photo Credit Justice League

Comic Book writes:

“In the Flashpoint story, Barry Allen goes back in time to save his mother. However, in doing so, Barry disturbs the world’s timeline and creates a new world, spawned by a butterfly effect type of story based on the change to his mother’s fate.”

“In this timeline, the Wayne family is in an entirely different predicament. Rather than Thomas and Martha having been killed, prompting Bruce Wayne to grow into the Caped Crusader, the father of the family is the one who takes on the responsibility of protecting Gotham.”

The Walking Dead films its season from late April through early October. It is currently in production of its eighth season. The schedule would allow for Morgan, who likely won’t be leaving the popular AMC series any time soon having told he is “in it for the long haul,” to film from November through April.”

What do you think about Morgan playing the Caped Crusader?

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