LISTEN CLOSELY: The Saviors Finally Reveal Their Weakness… It’s [SPOILER]

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-03-20

The Saviors Show Empathy

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In “Bury Me Here,” the Saviors may have finally shown a weakness to the Kingdom. Up until now, Gavin’s pick-up group hasn’t shown any sympathy towards their fellow man, but this changed when Jared shot Benjamin instead of Richard.

Not only did Gavin react to Jared’s idiotic decision, but so did the others. Jared revealed himself to be a complete wild card, and he’s done this over and over, but never so drastically as to shoot a teenager.

Gavin’s empathy may be their weakness.

Gavin, The Perpetually Annoyed Leader

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Gavin has always appeared to act like an annoyed parent, or a teacher trying to look after the kids in detention. When he arrives to pick up the last cantaloupe, he sees that Benjamin isn’t there and his head drops.

“He’s dead,” he said, more of a rhetorical question than anything else. “Start walking back now before I kill you,” said Gavin to Jared. “You say one word or throw one look, I’ll kill you right here and now. Go!” he finally screamed.

Gavin is clearly annoyed with the entire operation.

The Kingdom Stands Up To The Saviors

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Above all else, this small scene showed the King that there are a few kinks in their armor. Both sides have their issues, but Gavin handles Jared and then Morgan handles Richard in front of everyone.

Morgan’s reaction appears insane, but it shakes the Saviors a little more. The Saviors obviously have the numbers and they are willing to do whatever it takes to remain the leaders, but they also have their weaknesses.

Gavin, despite being the leader of this group, actually does have some empathy. Jared is the wild card and hopefully, he’ll be punished more than just a simple walk alone back to the Sanctuary.

Regardless of what happens next, the King has some things to consider.

What do you think will be the next step for the Kingdom?

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