Everyone Is Wondering This BIG Question About Daryl’s Plan After Seeing This


The big debate in Season 8 of The Walking Dead is how to win the war without killing civilians. Regardless, Daryl Dixon has made up his mind that he’s willing to do whatever it takes, innocent workers or not. One character almost stopped him.

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Among the three candidates with Daryl Dixon, Tara, Michonne, and Rosita seem to be on board. But when the rubber met the road, both Michonne and Rosita decided to bail on the plan.

Above all else, it would seem like Rosita could have done more to stop Daryl. The most recent debate falls between Tara and Rosita.

Rosita Could Have Stopped Daryl Dixon, But…

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“You got shot. [The Scavengers] lied to us,” said Tara to Rosita. “I believe in Rick Grimes,” said Rosita to the others. In this chat, like Dwight and Eugene, these two characters have changed since last season.

In Season 7, Rosita was so prepared to kill the Saviors that she risked her life multiple times. She had a great idea to find guns on walkers and a dumb idea to raid the Sanctuary. In the end, it meant the death of Sasha.

Tara is all upset about Oceanside and Denise, but Rosita sees the reality of the situation. “I’m out,” said Rosita. “You good with all of this?” she asked Michonne.

Patience, Action, And Inaction

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Rosita finally understands that it is better to be patient than risky. In a conversation with Michonne, she talked about her previous belief system. Essentially, she would have agreed with her before the death of Sasha.

“The thing is, sometimes you just have to wait,” said Rosita. “I wish it didn’t take seeing Sasha walk out of that coffin to realize it.” This isn’t the first time we’re reminded of Sasha’s death in this episode.

Despite their theoretical debate, there’s another major problem on display here. Not only do the various sides disagree, but the more aggressive side is going to win. This is equally true amongst Rick versus Scavengers, or Rick versus the Saviors.

Rosita is essentially disagreeing with herself from last season, but she’s not doing anything about it. Rather than stay and stop the others, she is simply heading back to Alexandria to sit and wait.

In the end, her ideals are correct, but her actions are weak.

Do you think Daryl Dixon screwed up Rick Grimes’ plan?

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