Daryl Dixon, The Crossbow-Toting Wild Card

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Daryl Dixon forever remains a wild card since he’s one of the only main characters not ripped right out of Robert Kirkman’s comic book. His long hair, crossbow, and motorcycle make him a fan favorite, but will he ever be killed off?

There’s no spoilers for when and where (if ever) that Daryl Dixon might die, but he’s come pretty close on dozens of occasions. Since we don’t know when he’s going to die, there’s no guarantee of safety, whether or not fans plan to riot if Daryl dies…

Some people even believe that the similarities between Daryl and Dwight could soon mean that Daryl will even take Dwight’s path on the series, especially now that Dwight seems to be fighting for good.

Daryl May One Day Take Dwight’s Storyline

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

“Really, Dwight’s path isn’t so far from Daryl’s own arc. Like Dwight, Daryl began his Walking Dead journey on the outs with our heroes, overcoming internal and external demons before he owned his role as an integral member of the group — and even now, he still questions that role from time to time.”

“He’s sure to question it more than ever due to his role in Glenn’s death. But every time Daryl falls, it’s followed by an eventual rise. What greater fall and climb is there than getting Glenn killed, falling into Negan’s hands, and one day destroying the man to become the new ruler of the Saviors?”

“While Dwight is one of the most alluring characters in the comics, many of his traits are already embodied on the show by the iconic Daryl Dixon.”

The Walking Dead Takeover Hypothesis

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since the show loves to remix characters and their storylines, it’s possible these two could one day use the same source material. It’s easy to say that Dwight could soon take a different path than his comic persona, so perhaps Daryl will take over.

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