When You Hear Chandler Riggs’ Reaction To That Carl Scene, You’ll Cry


“Throughout the series, Carl has been in Rick’s shadow and learning from him and observing him. He sees when Rick does something wrong and he takes action on it,” said actor Chandler Riggs.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In a chilling season finale, the writers behind The Walking Dead decided to veer off track from the comic more than they ever have before. In the final moments, it’s clear that Carl Grimes has been bitten during one of the last few episodes.

Everything in the series has led to this moment with Carl Grimes.

Chandler Riggs Discusses Shocking Finale

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I think every moment, through out the series, has led up to that moment with Carl commanding everyone in Alexandria to make this escape plan,” added the actor. “When Carl pulls up his shirt and pulls down his bandage to reveal the bite, it’s a huge moment for him, for Rick, for Michonne, and for everyone in the group.”

“He’s definitely happy with the way things ended up. With him saving all of Alexandria and making sure everyone was alive. It’s going to be really interesting to see what happens next,” concluded Chandler Riggs during a Talking Dead interview.

Even though Carl Grimes has been bitten, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him.

Changes From The Walking Dead Comic

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Walking Dead will return in February 2018 and we’re going to see more of Carl Grimes. In fact, it’s possible that his “ending” will be similar to Andrea’s death in the comic book from Robert Kirkman.

In the comic book, when Andrea died, she had a living funeral where everyone came to visit her on her deathbed. More than likely, Carl Grimes will have a similar fate on the show in the second half of the season.

Either way, we haven’t seen the last of Carl Grimes. But this bite does make us wonder how the series will continue with such a major character missing. In the comic book, most of the story follows Carl Grimes and his path.

For the AMC writers, the decision to kill Carl Grimes was meant to help Rick Grimes decide not to kill Negan. This storyline (from the comic), is so drastic because of how bad Rick wants Negan to die and how he could possibly change his mind.

With that respect, the writers chose to make Carl Grimes a martyr.

What else do you think will happen to Carl Grimes before he dies?

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