Big Changes For AMC Since Frank Darabont The Walking Dead Lawsuit


Five years ago there was an initial parting of ways between The Walking Dead and creator Frank Darabont. Both parties have spent a great deal of time and money trying to narrow their differences, since Darabont left the show.

Darabont teamed up with CAA, which is a major talent agency, to sue AMC over lost profits that Darabont felt entitled to when he left the series mid-season. This move is gutsy, and perhaps not ideal for future series.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

CAA on Future Programming

AMC and several of their parent company networks will no longer be paying CAA any packaging fees for future projects. This could mean a series effect on the future programming to come to these networks.

This can sound overly complicated, but it’s relatively simple. Package deals, overall, offer financial incentive for those agencies that put the deal together. This means that the agency put together the complete package before they shopped the deal, making sure all of the pieces were in place before it sold.

If AMC is going to pull this overly lucrative stream of revenue for CAA’s many projects and clients, then the agency could avoid that cable network in the future. This doesn’t alter current programing, but will alter future programming.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

CAA’s Giant Client Base

CAA has a huge client base, so that could limit actors, writers, producers, and directors who plan to work with AMC. This isn’t the first time that CAA has went to court.

Another major breach-of-contract deal included Will Ferrell and Christ Pratt, when they went to United Talent Agency (UTA), along with ten agents. This erupted into a full-frontal legal battle between the two companies.

It’s one thing for AMC to create an overall blanket decision, but according to Deadline, this stipulation is only aimed at CAA. This means it mainly applies to the Frank Darabont The Walking Dead lawsuit.

Darabont and CAA are looking at over $280 million in damages over revenue, which of course will create a strong reaction for AMC. Since 2013, showrunner Scott Gimple has taken control of The Walking Dead and no major issues have come to the surface–other than a slow decline in viewers this season.

How do you think the Darabont lawsuit will affect The Walking Dead‘s future?

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