Dwight Actor Reveals We’ll Be “Seeing Another Side Of Dwight”… This Will Happen


Seeing Another Side Of Dwight

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In “Hostiles and Calamities,” audiences got to see a little more of Dwight, particularly within the walls of the Sanctuary. It was clear that he doesn’t always agree with Negan and Negan doesn’t necessary trust him either.

“I think people are going to understand him a little better,” said Austin Amelio. The actor hopes audiences will see another side of Dwight and the complex layers of his life on the series.

One thing he’s not pumped about is being Daryl’s antagonist.

Playing Daryl Dixon’s Antagonist

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Daryl Dixon represents Dwight’s past, which is why the two are similar but very hostile towards one another. “Dwight sees the guy that he used to be and he went against his morals and values by succumbing to this world,” confirmed Amelio.

Essentially, Daryl Dixon is a daily reminder of the new Dwight. Under those scars, he wishes he was still with his wife, Sherry. In one heartbreaking scene, this is especially obvious, even though she thinks he’s completely changed.

Dwight may never see Sherry again and if he does, he may be killed for lying.

A Stranger Comes To Town

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Beyond all of this, at the end of the episode, Dwight finds himself next to Negan’s new project, Eugene. Dwight has literally been punished for something he didn’t do, burned, and robbed of his wife. Then, there’s Eugene, who eases his way in.

“This guy just storms his way in,” said Amelio, about Eugene. “It’s this outsider coming in and all of a sudden, they’re standing next to each other and shouting orders at the workers beyond the fence.”

There will likely be some hostility between these two. Despite how much Dwight likely hates Negan, there’s still something about a feeling of appreciation between himself and Negan. Eugene being there is another obstacle for Dwight.

“It will be an interesting dynamic to play with,” confirmed Amelio.

Do you think there will be confrontations between Dwight and Eugene?

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