Are you surprised? Another article about Big Bang Theory cancellation rumors! New reports have surfaced that all these rumors are false. In fact, CBS has confirmed already that contract negotiations are already underway. Let’s look at the evidence.

“The Big Bang Theory” Season 11 Underway

Following confirmation from CBS that contract negotiations with The Big Bang Theory stars have already begun, the sitcom’s season 11 is officially underway. Earlier reports first surmised that Kaley Cuoco might not reprise her role on the show as Penny after a string of rumors. This was blown out of proportion, dragging down the show with rumors of cancellation.

On a Reddit post last Tuesday, Oct. 25 by chainboost, the discussion thread revolved around the show’s season 11. It noted that The Big Bang Theory is officially happening despite expensive actor salaries.

I don’t think Reddit is a reliable source on the subject, but there it is.


Salary Increase Demand

With regard to speculations about Cuoco not renewing her contract, it’s argued that this rumor came from the fact that the actress demanded an increase in her salary. Cuoco is now the highest-paid comedy actress on American television, alongside co-stars Jim Parsons and Johnny Palecki. The actors are each paid $1 million dollars, for each episode. For now, CBS is simply making sure that salary increase demands do not bust the budget.


Kaley Cuoco Leaving

As for the string of hints Cuoco has been dropping, she is likely referring to her character as Penny and not the entire show. In fact, it can be noted that screen time of co-star Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette, has been on par with Cuoco’s. Which suggests that showrunners are in transition to let go of the actress. There is no hard to proof right now that would confirm all the speculations.

Even though Bernadette is a great character and one of my favorites, I really don’t know if the show can survive if Kaley decides to leave. Of course, we must honor her decision to move on if she chooses. But fans will have a tough time letting go of a character they love.


Leonard Leaving?


Besides, if Penny leaves the show, where does that leave Leonard? Well, hold on to your hats kids, because rumors of Johnny leaving have already started. But that’s for another article.


I think that the important thing to remember here is that even though CBS is dismissing rumors as false, any of the cast members can decide to leave if they wish. Their contracts are up for renewal, therefore, they are “free agents” so to speak at the present time.

Throughout all this commotion, I will do my best to try to keep you guys in the know. I must admit that at this point I get a little confused as well.

Whether the show ends this season or not, The Big Bang Theory needs an ending that goes out with a bang.

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