The Walking Dead And THIS HBO Series Have More In Common Than You Thought


The creators of The Walking Dead have often said how much they enjoy HBO’s series, The Wire. In many ways, along with The Sopranos, the series created the foundation for the way that television exists today.

The Wire | Photo Credit HBO

The series uses many of the same actors that The Walking Dead does. The actors behind characters Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Tyreese (Chad C. Coleman), and Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) come straight from The Wire.

In addition, there’s also an homage to Omar Little.

Michonne Honors The Wire On The Walking Dead

While Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar Little) has never been on The Walking Dead, there are certain characteristics of his character that made it into the show. They come in the form of Michonne during Season 7.

Last year, when Michonne discovered that Saviors burned the mattresses, she decided she wanted to do some investigative work. While whistling “Farmer and the Dell,” she killed several walkers to make a barricade.

This tune comes from Omar Little’s character. He used to whistle the song as a warning to any civilians in the area that he was coming.

The Importance Of Playing Chess

More recently on The Walking Dead, we’ve got to see that Dwight has an obsession with chess. Not only does he play the game, but he even carves out his own pieces in order to keep the game alive.

Likewise, during the first season of The Wire, Lawrence Gilliard Jr.’s character D’Angelo Barksdale explained the importance of the game. For D’Angelo, he symbolized the importance of each piece and their place for the game.

“These are the pawns. They like the soldiers. The move one space forward, only, except when they fight,” said D’Angelo. When one of the men asked how to be the king, he reminds them it’s not like checkers.

Similarly, this season on The Walking Dead, both Eugene and Dwight are learning their places among Negan’s chess game. For both characters, there is a major possibility of death in the near future.

If they’re not careful, both of these pawns will be removed from the game.

Did you notice all of these similarities to The Wire?

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