The Guys At Duck Commander Rarely Do Any Work (So It Seems)


Duck Commander, Willie Robertson, needs to learn how to be a work-commander.

Judging solely by Duck Dynasty’s portrayal, you’d be surprised that Duck Commander stays in business, let alone make millions of dollars (source: Pinterest)

“I got tons of crap I’m trying to do,” Willie says in a video posted recently on Duck Dynasty’s Twitter account. Meanwhile, they show him using a Shake Weight, a samurai sword, and a prosthetic hand instead of working. 

Maybe he should lead by example, not just words.

In this clip promoting the last season of Duck Dynasty, you’ll see the guys of Duck Commander (during work hours) playing basketbee — a mix between basketball and frisbee.

The guys even go so far as to have a race out in the lawn — all they need is a four wheeler and some child-size dirtbikes. 

But back in the office, Jep pulls out a Gameboy and starts playing it.

“It’s on like Donkey Kong,” Si says right before screeching like some sort of monkey creature.

In the following video clip, you’ll see Uncle Si, the one who makes the reeds for the duck calls, taking a bath in the back of a pickup truck. And Willie catches him.

“This is what happens when you turn the duck call room into a sweatshop,” Martin says.

Si often gets accused of not working on the show. Actually, he admits it outright.

“Si, have you done anything today?” Willie asks him.

“Nah,” Si responds with a head shake and a sip of his iced tea.

Check out the whole clip below:

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