Young Sheldon Proves Real Reason Sheldon Never Learned To Drive


Some of the best jokes on The Big Bang Theory revolve around Sheldon Cooper and his past. Many of the jokes try to explain why he is the way he is. In fact, the Young Sheldon spinoff likely spawned off these hilarious anecdotes.

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In a recent episode of Young Sheldon, the prequel tried to explain why Sheldon Cooper never really learned to drive. The episode, “Poker, Faith, and Eggs,” he decided that driving simply wasn’t for him.

“I’ve often been asked why I never learned to drive a car,” said the narrator, present-day Jim Parsons. “This night is your answer.”

Young Sheldon Explains His Fear Of Driving

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During the episode, Sheldon’s older brother George Junior decided to “borrow” Meemaw’s car to take the kids to the hospital. The kids wanted to go see their father, who was in the hospital.

Apparently, the nine-year-old wasn’t too pleased with his older brother’s driving. George Jr. was only a freshman at the time, so he didn’t actually have a driver’s license and had only driven a tractor at 4-H.

A few mailboxes and garbage cans were collateral damage on the night. But there’s more to the story.

The Truth About Sheldon’s License

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We learned in Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory that Sheldon Cooper actually did learn how to drive. Over the years, the running joke had been that Sheldon didn’t feel comfortable driving a car.

While setting off a rocket with Howard Wolowitz, Sheldon decided to tell his friend the truth. In reality, he had actually learned how to drive and he got his official California’s driver’s license two years earlier.

Sheldon did learn how to drive, but then he decided that he still preferred to be a passenger. He barely passed the test, so he decided to keep it a secret from his friends and fiancé.

On the way back from their failed rocket experiment, Howard let Sheldon get behind the wheel. Out on the open road, he really got the chance to put the pedal to the metal.

What other jokes have you seen on Young Sheldon that come from Big Bang Theory?