Here’s How The Big Bang Theory Finale Will Look Like


Will the season finale of The Big Bang Theory revolve around Sheldon and Amy’s wedding? All signs are pointing to yes, or at least most likely. Show insiders have hinted that the moment we’ve all been waiting for might be just around the corner.

Sheldon and Amy’s Wedding

Have you been waiting shamelessly for Sheldon and Amy’s wedding? Each week as we watch a new episode we secretly hope the big day will finally come. We were faked out in The Confidence Erosion when Sheldon and Amy headed to the courthouse but chickened out last minute. It was then that we learned Sheldon wanted a big wedding, with a traditional first dance and all of his friends and family.

Since hearing of Sheldon’s secret plans we’ve been dying to witness this nuptial ever since. Fear not fans, it seems the season finale of Big Bang might just give us what we want. Steve Holland, the executive producer said, “We haven’t written the finale yet, but we’ve certainly been building to it all season.”

The season finale would be a perfect time for the big event. Hopefully, Howard and Bernadette will have had their baby by then, and recovered nicely. Plus, that gives us at least one more season to see Sheldon and Amy grow as a married couple. 

Will The 12th Season Finale Of Big Bang Be The Last?

That brings us to another scary prediction- the 12th season finale of The Big Bang Theory might be the last. The show is only contracted through that season, and it seems all of the actors involved are itching to do other projects. Jim Parsons is moving on to star in major motion pictures, as well as producing Young Sheldon. Johnny Galecki is not producing two shoes- Living Biblically and Sci-Jinks. Plus, Kaley Cuoco just announced the name of her new production company- Yes, Norman Productions. 

With so many side productions going on it’s hard to imagine that these actors would want to continue. Afterall, 12 seasons is nearly unheard of in the entertainment industry. However, we at least hope that Sheldon and Amy’s wedding occurs in this year’s season finale of Big Bang so that we can cherish their last moments together as a married couple. What do you think? Will it happen in season 11?