Wil Wheaton Reveals The TRUTH About What His Character Really Is…


Wil Wheaton Stars As Wil Wheaton

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

After appearing in Stand By Me and Star Trek: The Next Generation, it was unclear if Wil Wheaton would continue to act. Three decades later, the actor is getting to play a “delightfully evil version” of himself.

At first, the actor thought the role might be limited. However, when he asked his friend John Rogers, who created televisions’ Leverage, his friend asked, “Are you insane? It’s the best show on television!”

Without another thought, Wil Wheaton confirmed to be in the series.

An Alternative Version Of Himself…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Ironically, playing this altered version of himself didn’t come naturally to the actor. “It was a real challenge to intellectually, creatively, and emotionally separate the Wil Wheaton I play from the Wil Wheaton I am,” he said.

“I think of him as an alternative universe version of who I really am and it probably took 5 years before I achieved complete separation of the two. But I learned to approach him as I would any other character,” confirmed the actor.

Not surprisingly, fans loved this new version of Wil Wheaton.

Creating A Realistic “Frenemy” Relationship

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

The actor confirmed this is likely the only time in his career where almost all of the fan feedback was positive. He worked with Jim Parsons to make sure the “frenemy” relationship could be justifiable in reality.

For the character, he essentially gave Sheldon the materials to build a trap and then watched him fall into it. Within that respect, the roles are somewhat like the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.

Eventually, however, the two characters become good friends. This seems to be true for many of Sheldon’s nemesis, such as Barry Kripke. They start off in a dispute, but eventually, Sheldon calms down and starts to relax a little.

“I absolutely loved the episodes where Sheldon comes to Wil for advice,” said the actor. He also appreciates the scene where he got to give Penny acting lessons when her career was on the fritz. For him, those scenes are very realistic.

What’s your favorite TBBT episode that featured Wil Wheaton?