Here Is What It Actually Takes To Make It To Sheldon’s “Enemy” List…


Beginning at the age of 9, Sheldon Cooper started working on his list of enemies. Perhaps because he read too many comics, the boy started to write down his list of nemesis. So what does it take to make Sheldon Cooper Enemies List?

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Well, not much. Some of the proud members include Star Trek alum Brent Spiner, his co-worker Barry Kripke, Leonard’s ex-girlfriend Leslie Winkle, and even Star Trek alum, Wil Wheaton.

Wheaton and Kripke are always going on and off of the list.

Wil Wheaton On Sheldon Cooper Enemies List

Sheldon tells the story of his rivalry with Wheaton by

In Season 11, we’re reminded that Sheldon Cooper will always have enemies. In the past, he was a fan of Wil Wheaton until the Star Trek alum cheated Sheldon Cooper in a game at the comic book shop.

Now, Wheaton is on the hit list again because he’s crossed Sheldon once more. This season, when Sheldon Cooper wanted to get advice on acting, Wheaton struck again and got the job over him.

Sheldon wants to be friends with Wheaton, but Wheaton can’t tell the difference in being his friend or his frenemy.

Barry Kripke On Sheldon Cooper Enemies List

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In “The Tesla Recoil,” Barry Kripke arrived on Sheldon Cooper enemies list again. This time, Leonard and Howard asked for Kripke’s help, but they knew this would upset Sheldon once again.

For this episode, however, Sheldon Cooper started the fight by going to the military to start up a project that the gang originally worked on together. In the end, however, Kripke double-crossed everyone.

As the series (likely) prepares to come to an end, it would seem like Sheldon Cooper would start to make friends with these enemies. In reality, however, it’s unlikely that he will ever do that.

Either way, some of these small fights between Sheldon and his enemies are some of the best episodes of the series. Whether he’s saying “Bazinga!,” yelling with a helium voice, or thinking of payback, we love to see Sheldon Cooper enemies list.

Who is your favorite among Sheldon Cooper’s many enemies?