We Sense Some Major Jealousy In The Group… Will This Tear Them Apart?


Last week, Sheldon Cooper and Howard were the best of friends. After realizing that they both had troubled father-son relationships, they started to spend time together. Then, of course, that all ended with the newest episode of TBBT.

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While the gang was sharing a meal together, Howard suggested helping Amy with her research. This, of course, led to Amy inviting Howard to help with the research. Then, the new relationship upset both Sheldon and Raj.

Now that he’s engaged is Sheldon Cooper is jealous of Howard Wolowitz?

Jealousy Doesn’t Fit Sheldon Cooper

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It’s hard to imagine Sheldon ever being truly jealous. For one, he doesn’t think that anyone is smarter or better than he is. However, he can’t control feeling this way, seeing that Amy is giving another man attention.

Likewise, Raj is already sharing Howard with Bernadette, so he can’t handle another third-wheel to take his friend. Both Sheldon and Raj seem jealous the entire episode, which makes them both look petty.

In fact, Howard and Amy’s new work relationship is ruining the entire group.

Will Howard And Amy Destroy The Group?

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Despite the fact that Howard and Amy are only working together a few days, the group is falling apart. Amy and Howard are having a good time, but everyone else seems to be distraught by the lack of balance.

Raj tries to spend time with Bernadette, but it backfires. Sheldon starts with Leonard, then moves to Bernadette, and then to Raj. Mainly, he can’t find anyone to take up his time.

Because Raj and Sheldon wander aimlessly, Bernadette can’t get her work done. Then, Leonard and Penny start to argue over how to treat Sheldon. In the end, it’s best for Howard and Amy to wrap up this new project.

The word “jealous” doesn’t seem right for Sheldon Cooper, but he certainly misses his fiancé. Perhaps after this project is complete, Sheldon will start to treat Amy a little better and more like the Princess she wants to become.

What do you think of Howard and Amy’s new work relationship?