TBBT Episode 13: The Phone Call That Led To Sheldon Cooper’s Ultimate Procrastination


During “The Solo Oscillation,” The Big Bang Theory gang met for dinner where Raj Koothrappali showed off a newspaper review of his planetarium show. Afterwards, Amy, Leonard, Raj, and Penny also shared success stories. Sheldon Cooper got upset.

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“Scratch paper? Check. White board? Check. Chex Mix? Check,” began Sheldon Cooper. In an effort to catch up with (and surpass) his friends, Sheldon has decided to solve some major problems.

However, he quickly determined that there’s no answer to these difficult questions. Then, he does the unthinkable. Sheldon calls his mom just to talk.

Sheldon Cooper Calls Back His Mother (Voluntarily)

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“Hi there Shelly. You will never believe who I ran into at the barbecue festival,” said Sheldon’s mom. In typical Sheldon fashion, he responded, “I’m right in the middle of some important work. I don’t have time for this now.”

Soon after, Sheldon hangs up on his mother and told her he only answered because he was raised to be polite. However, a moment later, he can’t help but call his mother back to learn more about her story.

Eventually, Sheldon must agree that her story is, in fact, interesting. The problem is that Sheldon made this story his own and ran with it into further procrastination.

The Procrastination Trap Strikes On Big Bang

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The point of Sheldon’s mother’s call was “what are the odds of me running into an old friend who moved away?” Because of this question (which was rhetorical), Sheldon decided to determine those odds.

After filling up his whiteboard with stats, the good son called his mother back and told her the odds were 1 in 18 million. Unfortunately, he then found out that this same old friend (Mrs. Watkins) had died the following morning. Clearly, Sheldon needed to determine the odds of that occurrence as well.

In the end, Sheldon had gone pretty far down the rabbit hole in terms of procrastination but found no valuable answers. In many ways, this is something that can happen to anyone, but this is a more drastic example.

What Sheldon Cooper needs to focus on is deep work. Authors like Ryan Holiday suggest turning off social media and avoiding everything for three-hour blocks to do so. In the latest The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon falls into a procrastination trap.

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