Everyone imagines being one of the guys of The Big Bang Theory.

Mars RoverHoward Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory by playbuzz.com

And it is always cool and exciting…in the imagination. But what about reality? Everyone can pull off tolerating someone for the 20 minutes of the episode, but what if you had to actually live 24/7 with that guy? Today, we’ll examine Howard Wolowitz and his three habits that would make you cringe.

Howard’s Mother Issues

This is the most obvious one. Eve though the producers turned this abnormal situation into one of the biggest and most laughed at gags of the show – you’d feel pretty weird to see your roommate have this kind of relationship with his mother. This domineering figure over Howard’s life makes him look like a child. Even though the rest of the gang doesn’t seem to be particularly mature or macho, this is really odd.

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Howard’s Awkward Arrogance

Yep, we know that the kind of self-centeredness and arrogance is Sheldon. Maybe this is the reason Howard is simply overshadowed by him. But don’t be fooled, Howard can act arrogantly, he is sometimes obnoxious and can belittle or mock people. In the first episode of the series it is also mentioned that he is a real polyglot – English (duh!), French, Mandarin, Arabic, Persian, as well as Klingon are some of the languages (real and fictional) that he knows. You just wait until he achieves something really grand to brag about, like going to the outer space. Oh, wait… even with permanent marker on his face he manages an awkward arrogance. 

By giphy.com Even that trip to the ISS didn’t work out that great

Living alongside Howard would be a total disaster for people who…

Howard’s Allergies

Living alongside Howard would be a total disaster for people who have no issues with cats, dogs, walnuts, fur, dust and so on. The reason? Howard is asthmatic, allergic to peanuts, walnuts, almonds and is prone to pink eye. The list actually goes on, but you get the gist of it, don’t you? Apart from being in a constant state of alert due to a possible poisoning of your roommate, you have to watch what you eat, what you order, what you bring into the house. For some people, that would be too much. And I can’t blame them.

courtesy of BasementRejects

There you go, a few considerations for a possible roommate. I don’t think I could make it through one week, what about you?

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