The BEST Sheldon & Amy Dance Videos… (The ‘Sexy Dance’ is Our FAVORITE To Re-Watch!)


Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover 

Sheldon and Amy dance with perfect form by

Sheldon and Amy are somewhat awkward science nerds. But never judge a book by its cover because these two can dance. Here are some of the best video instances where Sheldon and Amy have proven their feet are as quick as their brains!

Hot as Salsa!

The first time we see Sheldon dance is in Season 1’s The Fuzzy Boots Corollary. The guys take salsa dancing lessons and Sheldon is one fire!

Sheldon Flamencos Our Socks Off

Who would have thought Dr. Cooper had moves like these in The Brain Bowl Incubation? They are enough to make Amy have to leave the room!

The Chicken Perfection

Amy does the chicken dance with Leonard in The Pulled Groin Extrapolation. Have you ever seen such a classic dance performed as flawlessly?

I Only Wanna Dance With You

Sheldon and Amy finally get that they’re made for each other. Enjoy!