How The Big Bang Theory Celebrates “Rocktoberfest”


“We geologists always get a little sad when Rocktober is over,” said Bert on The Big Bang Theory. As Sheldon and Leonard discuss whether or not this wordplay is funny, Bert talks about collaboration.

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In “The Geology Methodology,” Bert visits the boys at lunch to see if Sheldon Cooper will help him with a project. Bert has some meteorites, and he wants Sheldon to help him with the math.

Sheldon turns down the idea but wants to be involved in the project. Surprisingly, however, “Rocktoberfest” is not just a joke.

The Big Bang Theory Promotes Rocktober

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

There are many examples of people celebrating “Rocktober,” but “Rocktoberfest Gem and Mineral Show” happens every year in Marysville, Washington. The free event invites young and old to check out rocks and minerals.

The description reads, “Marysville Rock and Gem club is a family oriented club that promotes interest and education in geology, rocks, and minerals, lapidary techniques as well as jewelry making and gemstones. At the 43rd annual show, there will be dealers with rock rough, slabs, minerals, fossils, tools, and lapidary equipment; jewelry, beads, gems, and books…”

Bert isn’t the only one who celebrates “Rocktober.”

Bert And Sheldon Cooper “Rocky” Friendship…

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In the episode, Sheldon Cooper knows the subject is interesting, but he doesn’t believe that Geology is important. With this in mind, he decides to help Bert, but he does so by sneaking around.

The duo work nights on the project, but when Sheldon leaves his coat in Bert’s office, the game is over. Bert returns Sheldon’s coat at lunch (proven because his name is sewn into it) and the gig is up.

Unfortunately, Sheldon Cooper is then mean to Bert, so he tells him not to help out anymore. Later in the episode, Sheldon returns to apologize but finds that Bert is working with someone else: Leonard.

Leonard jokes that he’s only there to learn how to ignore Sheldon and Bert is the right man to teach him the job.

What did you think of Sheldon and Bert’s hilarious relationship in this episode?