You might think Sadie Robertson is just riding the fame wave of Duck Dynasty. But the truth is, she’s got some real potential.

photo by @legitsadierob via She’s multi-talented and does a lot of different things. So when it comes to choosing a career path, she’s got plenty of options. In our opinion, she could easily be a model and has already done some modeling. If you’ve seen the movie I’m Not Ashamed, you know she can act. Singing is in her DNA. She was even on Dancing With The Stars, so dancing could even be an option. Her YouTube channel, which she uses as a way to encourage other people her age, is doing quite well with nearly 120,000 subscribers.

But, as it turns out, she may not choose any of those things. She may want to follow in her uncle Alan’s footsteps. 

“I’m thinking about some type of seminary school,” Sadie said. “Ministry is what I really want to do. It is my joy in life.”

She’s definitely got plenty of experience. She just finished up as keynote speaker on the Winter Jam Tour. 

While speaking (i.e. preaching) onstage during the tour, she actually gave some pretty good, pastorly advice. 

“I’ve been talking about what’s the difference between a champion and a legend,” she said. “Two things that sound very similar, two things that sound pretty solid. You see, they’re both good, but one’s better.”

Obviously, we would all love being both of those things, but Sadie explained how one is a way better option.

Sadie Robertson could be your next pastor.

Sadie RobertsonSadie Robertson (source: CNS News)


“Because with one, you win a trophy, but with the other, you win a legacy,” she said. “With one, you drop the mic. But with the other, the mic gets passed on from generation to generation to come.” 

So it seems Sadie is leaning toward preaching as a career path. Who’da thunk it?

photo by @legitsadierob via

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