Raj Koothrappali’s Latest Romance Move Reminds Us Of Another Famous Sitcom Star


After spending the night together, Raj Koothrappali and his new girl Nell had breakfast. Despite the quality of Raj’s omelets, he got some bad news when Nell mentioned her husband. Ironically, this reminded us of another sitcom situation.

“You know who does that? James Freakin’ Bond,” said Michael Scott on The Office. Before Michael met Holly, he went out with Donna (Amy Pietz). Michael thought it was funny she kept taking him out of town. Eventually, he realized that he was the other man.

Unlike Raj Koothrappali, Michael didn’t feel so bad about the incident.

Raj Koothrappali Is Michael Scott In Latest TBBT

The Office | Photo Credit NBC

Michael Scott met Donna during 2010’s “Happy Hour.” While out with his office crowd, he screwed up one date but landed another. Donna actually stuck around for a five episode-arc but things fell through in the end.

Personally, Michael didn’t feel so bad about what he was doing, especially after he compared himself to James Bond. But, the guilt eventually got to him when his employee Andy made him go meet Donna’s husband.

Raj Koothrappali also met the husband, which made him rethink the new relationship.

The Trouble With Dating A Married Woman

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

On The Big Bang Theory, Raj met Nell at his new job. After she came to visit the planetarium, she ended up going on a date with Raj. Quickly, she told him that she had only been separated from her husband for two weeks.

When Oliver came to the planetarium, Raj couldn’t help but try and comfort him. Like Michael, he assumed the damage had been done and tried to keep dating the woman despite the affair.

In the end, Raj also didn’t have the heart to follow through with the relationship once he started to feel guilty. In fact, he would literally see Oliver in the room, even though he wasn’t there.

Unlike Michael Scott, Raj decided to go ahead and make good friends with the husband. In the end, the duo went off to celebrate the couple getting back together, even though it meant Raj being single once more.

Did Raj Koothrappali’s new love make you think of any other sitcom situations?