Does Raj Koothrappali New Love Attraction Make Him The Ultimate ‘Home Wrecker’?


“Thanks for coming. What did you handsome gentleman think of the show?” asked Raj Koothrappali. In the latest The Big Bang Theory, it’s clear that Raj’s new job has given him confidence, swagger, and perhaps even a new girlfriend.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Things go well with a girl Raj met at work, which causes him to get up and cook her breakfast. “I wasn’t sure how I did last night and I wanted to finish strong,” said Raj while leaning over the oven.

“Thank you. It’s delicious. My husband never cooked for me,” said Nell (2 Broke Girls actress Beth Behrs). “Technically, I guess I am still am [married].”

Raj Koothrappali Ignites A Questionable Relationship

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

At this point, Raj Koothrappali understandably started to get a little worried. What seems like a great new relationship quickly turned into something dangerous and forbidden.

“Is that technically like the paperwork hasn’t gone through or technically like he’s in the closet watching us right now?” asked Raj to clarify. Nell laughed, but the answer didn’t give Raj a ton of hope.

Nell said she and her husband separated two weeks ago. Soon after this, Raj’s worst fear comes true and he’s confronted by the husband.

Sacrificing Happiness To Do The Right Thing

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Which one of you is Rajesh Koothrappali? I’m Nell’s husband,” said Oliver (Vice Principals actor Walton Goggins). Howard quickly stepped back to avoid the confrontation and Raj pleaded his case to the desperate man.

Oliver quickly turns from tough to sad while speaking to the duo. A fellow sensitive type, Raj tried to confront the man. Oddly enough, the duo sort of hit it off while talking about Oliver’s marriage troubles.

“What you two had was special,” said Raj Koothrappali. Despite not having any evidence to back this up, he wanted to comfort Oliver. “No one can replace you,” he added to the lie.

Later, while Raj was back with Nell, he started to see visions of the desperate Oliver while trying to kiss Nell. In the end, Raj sacrificed his own happiness and told Nell the truth. Basically, his crazy trumped Oliver’s crazy, so she took her husband back.

In the end, Oliver came to thank Raj and the duo went off to celebration Oliver and Nell with a trip to House of Pies.

Did you think Raj Koothrappali should have kept his mouth shut or did he do the right thing?