Social Media Famous Pug Comes To The Big Bang Theory Set

Photo by @themelissarauch via Doug the Pug is a famous dog who has taken social media by storm. You can follow his many accounts including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for fun photos of him traveling the world. It seems once of his destinations is the Big Bang Theory set. SPOILER ALERT: Doug the Pug is coming to TBBT.

Doug The Pug

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Doug the Pug is a Nashville native and lives with his owner Leslie Mosier. He boasts over 2.5 million Instagram followers. That’s 500,000 more than Mayim Bialik. Doug the Pug’s celebrity was by accident. Leslie had always wanted a pug named Doug. She said of their meeting, “I was equally excited and terrified when she put him in my arms, as I was suddenly responsible for the life of a little dog that greatly resembled a pig.”

Leslie slowly began posting photos of Doug on her personal Instagram account and realized that those photos would get the highest number of likes and comments. She began adding in props and locations, and the rest is history. People love Doug and flock to his pages each day.

Viral Video

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One of Doug’s most viral video features him with a Pug shaped balloon tied around him. As he runs in the video the song My Bestfriend plays. Over 20 million people have watched this joyous clip.

Doug Hits The Big Bang Theory Set

Photo by @normancook via

It seems we will be seeing Doug in an upcoming TBBT episode. Kaley Cuoco posted this photo saying Doug, “took time out of his busy schedule to visit our set @bigbangtheory_cbs … not kidding. He has a larger itinerary then me. He’s also as squishy and delicious as he looks.” Kaley is a known animal lover, so of course, it makes sense that these two hit it off.

We can’t wait to see how Doug the Pug is involved in the upcoming TBBT season.

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