Mayim Bialik Opens Up About Putting Her Father In Hospice


Mayim Bialik creates tons of content for her fans and followers. Some of it is fun, hilarious even. Other parts are sad and emotionally raw. In one particularly deep YouTube video, Mayim talks about helping her father through Hospice. 

Mayim Bialik’s Need to Share

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We know Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory. She plays a funny, quirky, and nerdy Amy Farrah Fowler. Her character onscreen hasn’t had many relationships. She doesn’t always understand social norms and she doesn’t always open up about her feelings.

However, in real life, Mayim Bialik is a completely open book. She uses social media to tell her fans almost everything. She’s created videos that describe her mental health, her dating life, her parenting styles, and her religion. Mayim has also written books about parenting, growing up and being a girl. 

Now she’s opened up about another stage of life- death. Mayim’s father passed away several years ago. His struggle in hospice took a toll on the actress. Now she’s explaining exactly what went down in her dad’s last few days.

Missing a Father

In a new video titled, “Music Therapy For My Dad,” Mayim Bialik describes playing music to her ailing father in hospice. Mayim recalls, “One day a few months before we were told it was time for hospice for my dad. We were all sitting in his condo. It was me my mom my boys and my dad in his wheelchair. He was slowly dying from a disease that none of our had even heard of before.”

Mayim’s father suffered from a brain condition. She explains, “He was slowly dying from a disease that none of us had even heard of before. He was trapped inside of a failing body. His brain was deteriorating just enough behind his body, that he was aware of his own demise.”

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