Sheldon Finds THIS Amazing Loophole When Negotiating New Office Space With Hofstadter


“I could use a place to work in the evenings,” said Sheldon Cooper. In the latest Big Bang Theory, the Physics genius is trying his best to convince Leonard and Penny to let him rent out his old room for an office. But, it comes at a price for everyone.

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“It’s just that there’s not a lot of space in our apartment,” pleaded Sheldon Cooper. Despite his many attempts, Penny and Leonard fired back with a parade of “No”s to his every request.

Finally, the duo gave in to make a little money from Sheldon. But the typically annoying character proved that he could be courteous, which angered Leonard.

Sheldon Cooper Pleads For Office Space

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Later in the episode, Leonard is on the phone with Sheldon, but both of the Hofstadters are shocked when he appears from the bedroom. “I can’t just go to the office every time I have a brilliant idea,” pleaded the future tenant.

Penny finally gave in to the man’s demands. While reading his proposal, she realized that he already walks into their place whenever he wants, so this way they could make some money for his company.

But when Sheldon proved to be courteous, that got to Leonard.

Leonard Proves Himself Right, But…

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“You don’t get it,” said Leonard Hofstadter. “All the years that we lived together, he drove me crazy the whole time. Don’t look at me like that. It means he did it on purpose. It was a choice. That’s like finding out Godzilla could have had Arby’s instead of Tokyo.”

Leonard finally had enough and confronted Sheldon Cooper. At this point in the story, it was clear that Leonard didn’t know what he wanted. Instead, he was just angry thinking back on their friendship and the time they spent in roommates.

But in the end, the truth is that this was merely another Sheldon ploy. Leonard came to confront Sheldon again and brought his paperwork with him. This time, he tried to kick out his friend. But Sheldon had other plans.

Thanks to a loophole in the paperwork (“Eastern Standard Time”), Sheldon got his way and then some. “Since you didn’t exercise your right to revoke, I exercised my right to extend,” said Sheldon Cooper.

Leonard lost the battle but somehow won the war. Despite losing to Sheldon, he couldn’t help but leave with a smile on his face.

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