Johnny Galecki Compared The Roseanne Reboot To A 20-Year High School Reunion


“[Sara Gilbert] gave all the cast members full rein to contribute where they thought their characters would be 20 years later,” said actor Johnny Galecki about the Roseanne reboot. “So it was very much a team collaboration.”

According to various sources, Johnny Galecki will likely only appear in one episode of the sitcom reboot. Despite the brief cameo, it sounded like he made the most of this appearance.

There are a handful of reasons why Galecki will only be in one episode. Some are legal while others are based on schedule.

Johnny Galecki Prepares For Roseanne Reboot

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Roseanne

First of all, Johnny Galecki is super busy. Not only is on The Big Bang Theory for 22+ episodes each season, but he’s also producing another show for CBS. The new sitcom is called Living Biblically.

Second, he’s tied to CBS, but Roseanne is with ABC. After a lot of negotiations, he was able to free some time for the reboot. If both series were on the same network, it’s possible he would have been on both series full-time (if possible).

These two reasons led to Roseanne changing the relationship for Darlene and David.

Going To Your 20-Year High School Reunion

Roseanne Reboot | Photo Credit ABC

“It was just one of the best weeks of my life. It was kind of like what I would imagine going to your 20-year high school reunion was, but all the people are like still your heroes,” said Johnny Galecki.

While having fun on set, his character experienced something new altogether. The theory (and love) behind the original Roseanne is to be honest and show an honest portrayal of middle-class America.

David and Darlene did have children in the past twenty years, but the reboot is beginning with their separation. Based on the amounts of divorced couples in America, the idea makes sense.

In addition, Sara Gilberts (Darlene) has also said that this is going to be the most emotional season they’ve ever made. If The Big Bang Theory ends after Season 12, that could mean that Johnny Galecki signs on for more episodes. If that happens, this could mean that David and Darlene get together.

Are you looking forward to the Roseanne reboot?