Jim Parsons Set To Produce Medical Drama


Jim Parsons To Produce New Series

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Actor Jim Parsons is quickly becoming the busiest man in entertainment. Not only is he the lead on The Big Bang Theory, but he also narrates and produces Young Sheldon. Now, he’s about to start producing a new series as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jim Parsons is teaming up with Fox to create a new medical drama, The Family Gene. The show will come from the memoir by the same name, written by Joselin Linder.

The show will follow Dr. Gwendolyn Langer as she saves lives in a cutting edge clinic. The setting may replicate House, but the series will revolve around futuristic genetic medicine.

Medical Series Focuses On Genetic Medicine

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The publication writes, “In success, each episode would take on compelling and emotional medical mysteries — as Gwen and her team refuse to accept that DNA is destiny.” Jim Parsons will not likely ever be on the series.

The show comes from Greg Spottiswood (King, Frontier) who will write the script and also work as an executive producer. The drama will come from Warner Brothers where Jim Parsons is under contract.

Parsons’ husband Todd Spiewak will also be working as a producing partner on the deal and executive producer. The Family Gene is the most recent commitment from Jim Parsons, who also works on The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon.

Sheldon Cooper Always Plans Ahead

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

When he’s not wheeling and dealing, however, fans can still see Jim Parsons as the (mostly) lovable Sheldon Cooper. Season 11 will continue to focus on Sheldon and Amy’s marriage, but also Howard and Bernadette’s baby.

The show has already revealed that Sheldon will not have a traditional church wedding, but not many other details. We also know that Penny shot down Leonard’s idea for a Doctor Who cake.

There’s some speculation to believe that Sheldon will want a Star Trek themed wedding, but nothing proven yet. It’s also possible that he will finally back off a little and let Amy make some of the plans.

If nothing else, we expect a hilarious bachelor party for Sheldon Cooper.

Are you looking forward to this new medical drama?