Here’s What To Expect From The Final Episode Of Big Bang Theory EVER


The final episode of Big Bang Theory may or may not come during Season 12. If you’re anything like us, you’ve wondered how this iconic sitcom will end. Nothing is for certain but it seems an emotional episode is expected. Plus, some questions will be left unanswered.

Steve Holland Says Not Every Question Will Be Answered

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Many fans and even a few producers are expecting Season 12 to be the final installment in the Big Bang Theory saga. As typical fans, we’d like to see all the strings loosely tied up. Perhaps the series ends with Sheldon and Amy’s children going off the prestigious universities. Raj has a fiancé and Stuart has found major success. 

However, we definitely shouldn’t hold our breath on all of those happy endings. Steve Holland, showrunner at Big Bang, says not everything will be solved. He explained, “There’s certainly moments that we’ve had in this bucket of stories that we want to do, and we’ve checked some of them off as we’ve gone along… Some of them, we have next season to get out there, and I think some of them we don’t have plans to ever answer. Some of them, we like the mystery of it.”

So which big mysteries are we going to have to live with forever? He won’t say. Steve said, “I won’t tell you which ones are which… But I think there are a few things that people ask about a lot that I think are going to make great stories next season. There’s a few things that I think, for us, are just part of the mystery of the show that we’ll probably never touch.”

We have a feeling which mysteries he’ll solve and which he won’t.

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