Season 7 Ends With Several Major Deaths

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC Season 7 of The Walking Dead began and ended with some of the most brutal kills ever recorded on television. The two majors, of course, were Negan and Abraham, who died by Negan’s bat, Lucille.

Many fans who watched the show and loved these characters felt like the show was too hard to watch. After Negan’s killing spree went for a full episode and then Rick suffered for another eight episodes, some fans even left the show.

Actor Michael Cudlitz apparently didn’t have such a problem with the scenes.

Michael Cudlitz Talks Abraham’s Death

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“The getting killed wasn’t bad,” said Cudlitz. “I was a fan of the show before I came onto the show. I had seen my favorite characters on the show get killed off. I had taken the hardline where, if you came on the show from the third season on and you were surprised when you were told you were gonna die, then you’re a moron.”

Many people, or actors, might get upset or sad to know their character had to go, but Cudlitz seemed like he truly expected it at one point or another. One thing the actors on The Walking Dead do have, however, is the comic book, which gives them some idea when and where a character may die.

The Actor Talks Behind-the-Scenes

Walking Dead | Photo Credit Business Insider

The actor said, “It’s hard to separate all the technical stuff. There’s a lot of prosthetics that are involved in that night. Myself and Steven [Yeun], we would film one baseball bat hit and they would take us out and film another prosthetic piece.”

Cudlitz also said the scene “was not a big deal. For us, that moment is broken down into two nights of six hours each night of prosthetics. For us, it’s a very technical thing. We’re looking to see if that technically looks good.”

Do you think Michael Cudlitz is downplaying the iconic scene?

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