This Short Video Shows Every Big Bang Halloween Costume Ever Worn


Big Bang Halloween Episodes Are Epic

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“I won a bet, and it’s time to collect,” said Stewart on the phone. A moment later, The Big Bang Halloween Gang walked in dressed as The Avengers. Unfortunately, it was the female version. The cast is known for Halloween gear and cosplay outfits.

Some of our other favorites include Amy Farrah Fowler as a doctor on Star Trek and Sheldon Cooper’s ridiculous maid outfit. The real Halloween gear begins in the next clip when Howard and Bernadette are dressed as Smurfs.

Leonard has put on Einstein gear, and Penny is a sexy police officer.

Complication Reveals Big Bang Halloween

The complication then shows a quick paintball scene before revealing the ladies as Disney Princesses. Amy is Snow White, and Bernadette is Cinderella. Penny is also a Princess, but she’s off to the side munching popcorn.

The next Big Bang Halloween shows the gang as DC characters. Leonard sits on the couch as Green Arrow while Sheldon runs around like The Flash. “I’m not Sheldon, I’m the Flash!” he demands.

A moment later, Howard appears as Batman and Raj is a ridiculous Aquaman. Penny and her boyfriend Zack are Wonder Woman and Superman.

“This Party Is Going To Suck…”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In one of the final Big Bang Halloween scenes, we see one of the first Halloween episodes. Leonard is a Hobbit and Raj is a version of Thor. The gang arrives super early where Penny isn’t even dressed yet.

While Howard listens, dressed as Robin Hood, Sheldon reveals he’s a scientific principle. Sheldon Cooper wants to know when the judging will be. He’s perhaps been to too many cosplay events.

“This party is just going to suck,” said Sheldon. Penny mistakenly calls Howard Peter Pan, but he goes with it rather than correcting her. At this point, Howard was still hitting on Penny whenever he got the chance.

It’s then revealed that Sheldon is the Doppler effect. Poor Sheldon tries his best to fit in, but he just can’t seem to pull it off. Even when invited to a casual party, he tries to make things scientific and fun for himself.

What is your favorite Big Bang Halloween episode?