JUST IN: CBS Releases Permanent News After Young Sheldon Premiere…


Over 17 Million Tune In For Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

There have been some harsh reviews of CBS’ new dramedy, Young Sheldon. However, the numbers do not lie; the series is a hit. Over 17 million people watched the premiere episode of The Big Bang Theory spinoff.

The series is undoubtedly one of the standouts of the season. The fall lineup is a difficult ring to compete in, but TBBT allowed for Young Sheldon to ride in on its coattails. With 17.21 views, the series retained 98 percent of the viewers from TBBT.

The series is a hit both in America and Canada.

Young Sheldon Takes One-Month Hiatus

YoungSheldon | Photo Credit CBS

CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl revealed, “It certainly was beyond where we reasonably thought it would be, just given all the shows that have come behind “Big Bang” in the past. I do believe it suggests something that we thought, which is that “Young Sheldon” is a show that can appeal to viewers beyond Big Bang.”

Unfortunately, given that it’s Fall, no new seasons have been ordered due to the heavy NFL schedule on CBS. The second episode of Young Sheldon will not air until November 2, 2017.

Fans who haven’t seen the premiere have plenty of time to catch up.

Planning Ahead For New Series

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

Thanks to the mega-success of the premiere, CBS has decided on a full order of 22 episodes for the 30-minute dramedy. Before the premiere, the series was only scheduled to have around 13 episodes in the first season.

This is relatively common when a premiere is successful. Other shows, like Parks and Rec or even The Walking Dead, only had six episodes in the first season. After they pick up the slack, the networks will order more for the next season.

Unfortunately, this works both ways. If a series isn’t doing as well, the network could order less. Shows like Parenthood and Lost have seemingly random numbers. Seasons may exist like 22, 13, 13, 17, or even six regarding episodes. 

Normally, this means the writers and the network are unsure of when a series will end. 

What did you think of the Young Sheldon premiere episode?