These HILARIOUS Sheldon Cooper Lines Will Make You Laugh


Playing Sheldon Cooper must be the most fun job in the world and now two men get to do it. Well, one man and one boy, we should say. Now that Iain Armitage is playing the younger version of Jim Paron’s character, he’s come up with his own favorite things about Sheldon. Even better, he told cameras the four funniest lines (in his opinion) from the pilot.

The Mind Of A 9-Year-Old

Oh, don’t you just love jumping into the mind of a 9-year-old? Iain Armitage might not be the typical child but he’s still got that hilarious innocence. He leaves you laughing and sometimes in shock at how inept and smart he can be.

When he visited CBS This Morning with Jim Parsons he wanted to make sure everyone knew which lines he deemed the funniest. He told everyone, “I was going to say you earlier asked me to think of three words that were really funny, and actually I have four!” We’re already chuckling.

Iain’s first favorite line is, “That girl’s blouse is diaphanous, which means I can see her brassiere.” You had to see that one coming. All nine-year-olds’ favorite jokes involve underwear.

Secondly, Iain loves when Sheldon says, “Mom, when should I be expecting my testicles?” Again, what nine-year-old doesn’t think body humor is funny?

He also loves when Missy tries to get Sheldon to take off his bowtie at high school. She tells him the other kids don’t appear to be wearing one. However, little Sheldon naively answers, “Perhaps I’ll start a fad.”

Iain Armitage’s Acting Skills

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Finally, Iain told audiences that his favorite line from the pilot is, “Think Monkey, think.” Of course, Sheldon says this to his older brother. We love it because we can so picture older Sheldon saying this to Penny or Raj. 

Iain Armitage certainly does a fantastic job playing young Sheldon. He has even mastered the condescending voice Jim Parsons created for the character. The two seem to have had a great time on set and Iain is incredibly lucky to be learning from the very best. What are your favorite lines from the Young Sheldon pilot?