Big Bang Theory Switched Back To Thursday Night, But Nobody Thought It Would Mean This…


Every year, The Big Bang Theory switches from Monday back to Thursday nights. Primarily, the switch occurs due to the CBS deal with the NFL. That said, the sitcom is back to No. 1 in the ratings because of the switch.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Presently, the ranking exists as 1.) The Big Bang Theory, 2.) Young Sheldon, 3.) Mom, and then 4.) Life in Pieces. Overall, CBS is beating ABC and NBC in terms of millions of viewers per episode.

These killer ratings are what led to Young Sheldon and the success of The Big Bang Theory for the past decade.

The Big Bang Theory Returns No. 1

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

This year, these millions of viewers are getting to watch some unprecedented episodes. The biggest story arc of this season, of course, will revolve around the upcoming marriage of Sheldon and Amy.

So far, we’ve only heard the very beginning details about the big day. We do know that it was too much for Sheldon Cooper as he had to pass the reigns to Amy. Also, he’s said he’s going to wear his Star Trek gear under the tux.

We also have seen big changes for the other characters on the series.

What’s Next On The Big Bang Theory?

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

The other major change comes from Howard and Bernadette. In Season 11, the happy couple are expecting a second child this season. This, of course, after they just had a baby last season.

Due to the new pregnancy, the latest episode led to Howard getting a vasectomy. This comical scene is a sitcom must as audiences get to watch the hilarious actions of Howard and he has the procedure.

Then, there’s Penny and Leonard. The duo seems to be content with their lives, but they are growing in their own ways. In this particular episode, we get to see Penny help Sheldon first, then Howard and Bernadette.

She helps Sheldon with his audition tape by giving him some notes; then she heads over to Howard and Bernadette’s house. There, she helps the couple with their baby as they get some much-needed rest.

What has been your favorite episode from Season 11 so far?