Johnny Galecki’s Free Time Does NOT Look Like Leonard’s. Find Out Why…


The online chatter is that actor Johnny Galecki has been known to use his estimated $100 million fortune for a secret party animal lifestyle. Since he’s one of the highest paid actors on television, that lifestyle is certainly possible.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“He wants everybody to have a good time and is always hosting little parties and get-togethers at his place,” said one source. While being mostly secretive about his personal life (like his hidden Kaley Cuoco relationship), the actor loves to party.

The actor has “become a master at keeping his face and social life out of the headlines while still living a rock star lifestyle.”

Johnny Galecki May Party Too Hard

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit CBS

Radar indicates that the star of The Big Bang Theory enjoys girls, fast cars, and throwing out money. Now, at age 42, some friends are worried that this party lifestyle is not going to slow down.

“Johnny lives a life where marriage and family are just not a priority at all,” said the insider. The source also called the actor “eccentric,” adding how much the actor likes to blow off steam after the show.

He’s always partied hard, but now he parties hard but discreet.

When Celebrities Party Too Hard

Jimmy Fallon | Photo Credit NY Post

When it comes to fame and unlimited money, celebrities are well-known for partying hard. Rapper Wiz Khalifa spends $120,000 on weed each year. Singer Rihanna once spent $100,000 at a strip club. Lindsay Lohan spent her 27th birthday in rehab.

When celebrities take it too far (Macaulay Culkin, Angelina Jolie, Russell Brand), it’s possible that they could go to rehab, go broke, or worse. At this point, Galecki doesn’t seem unsafe, but hidden lifestyles can often end up being the worst.

One close comparison to Johnny Galecki secret party animal life could be Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. After filming the Tonight Show, Fallon has been known for going out and drinking too much several nights a week.

In fact, a few years ago, Fallon drank too much, fell and nearly ripped his ring finger off when his wedding ring got caught during a fall.

Galecki is also known for partying until four in the morning several nights a week.

Do you think there’s a chance Johnny Galecki could celebrate too hard? Will this partying screw up Galecki’s new show, Living Biblically (read here)?