The 3 Best Big Bang Gifts For You The Fans!

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The Big Bang Theory has had some of its greatest gift giving episodes featured at Christmas. The one year Sheldon received a napkin used by Leonard Nimoy. Another we see Sheldon give Amy a heartfelt picture with some endearing words (granted this was supposed to make Amy feel bad). And this year . . . we got a baby. 

Although we did not get to see a Christmas episode during this year’s mid-season finale, we got even more. The addition of Halley Wolowitz has given us as much joy as a Christmas celebration. Here are three things that Season 10 has taught us going into Christmas and the end of 2016.

1)    Friendship is Family

Amy presents Sheldon with her gift for him in Season 8’s Christmas episode by

The Big Bang features a group of friends who are also colleagues. At first, that’s all they are: friends. But up through season 10, our characters began to evolve in ways that continually bring them closer than friends. They fight, they make up, they bail one another out of jail, and they have dinner together. For all intents and purposes, they are a family.

If all friends were as close as our cast then the world would be a much happier place. The fact is, family, is not just a word that includes people related by blood. It’s all-inclusive to the people you love and have a forever relationship with. The Big Bang Theory does a fantastic job of portraying this to us, their fans.

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